When inviting Accurate into your home we realize how important it is to be cautious and courteous. The use of drop cloths and carpets prevent drips so that we never leave a mess behind. We also use extra care when moving your furniture or delicate items away from windows.


We take our time and do everything by hand with our traditional window cleaning techniques (brush & squeegee). We use environmentally friendly window washing solution to remove all dirt and debris which leaves a sparkling spot free shine.

We use the newest tools with an extreme eye for detail and get up close on a ladder (with padded standoffs) to inspect every window so that we can reach all corners, frames and sills to guarantee you don't have water dripping or ugly streaks

Our Residential Window Cleaning Service Offers:


Window cleaning in action

    • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
    • Track Cleaning
    • Skylights & Mirrors Cleaned
    • High Dusting & Lightbulb Changing
    • Gutter/ Eaves trough Cleaning Any Size Home
    • Winter Roof Snow & Ice Removal
    • House siding (Soft Wash)
    • Storm Windows Cleaned (All sides)
    • Screen Cleaning (always included)
    • Sill & Frames (always included)

From multi-story homes to smaller houses, we have the experience and use specialized window cleaning equipment that make your windows sparkle! Please call 519-439-9069 for a Free no obligation quote.